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Ian Frew
Mojca Adlesic
Jerry Hartanto Fuady
Antonella Catalano
Rouven Höfflin
Asin Peighambari
Heike Herzog

Our research lies at the interface of basic and translational cancer research. We ask how different combinations of genetic mutations in tumour suppressor and oncogenic signalling pathways affect the behaviours of tumours and their responses to therapies. We employ a variety of genetic approaches to tackle these questions, with current major research interests in kidney tumours and different types of sarcomas. In addition to the use of conventional mouse genetics, we develop new tools that allow more rapid genetic approaches in mice with the aim of being able to more efficiently and rapidly investigate the combined effects of genetic alterations in multiple signalling pathways on tumour cells as well as on their interaction with the tumour microenvironment. We utilise both genetic and chemical library screening approaches to identify therapeutic sensitivities based on the mutational spectrum of tumours and conduct pre-clinical tests of molecularly-targeted agents using our mouse models. We work closely with oncologists, surgeons and pathologists to study human tumour samples as well as translate our preclinical therapeutic findings to the clinic.


We are always happy to receive applications from motivated postdoctoral scientists and PhD candidates who are interested in joining our growing international research team. We seek to recruit several new laboratory members in 2018.


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