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Prof. Dr. Bodo Grimbacher
Teresa Kotz
Alla Bulashevska
Manfred Fliegauf
Natalie Frede
Cristina Glocker
Zoya Eskandarian
Laura Gamez
Desirée Schubert
Linlin Yang
Elena Sigmund
Denise Vogel
Dietrich August
Mark Depner
Julia Hartberger
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Timo Volk
Katrin Hübscher
Pavla Mrovecova

"Experimental Immunodeficiency"


The research group „Experimental Immunodeficiency“ focuses on the Genetics and Molecular Pathophysiology of Primary Immunodeficiencies.


Primary immunodeficiencies due to monogenetic defects in humans are an experiment of nature. Their investigation enables physicians and researchers to dissect the immune system and evaluate the respective components in human immunology. The identification of new disease genes leads to improved diagnosis and disease management, and ultimately, by illuminating the pathophysiology, to the development of new therapeutic strategies. Currently my group follows the following topics:



    1. Genetic causes of common variable immunodeficiency (CVID)
    2. The genetic cause of the hyper-IgE recurrent infection syndrome (HIES)
    3. The genetic cause of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (CMC)
    4. The molecular pathology of chronic inflammatory bowel disease
    5. The molecular pathology of LRBA deficiency
    6. Determination of the genetics of primary immunodeficiency by next generation sequencing
    7. Analysis of whole exome and whole genome sequencing data
    8. Clinical Research Registries