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Current Research

The development of the nervous system requires numerous well orchestrated events, starting from neurulation, stem cell proliferation, neurogenesis and gliagenesis, induction and specification of distinct progenitor cells to aquire distinct phenotypes, differentiation, axon guidance, synaptogenesis, neuronal network formation, ontogenetic cell death, promotion of survival, or myelination.
All of these events are genetically determined and regulated either by cell intrinsic or extrinsic signalling mechanisms. The Krieglstein lab studies aspects of growth factor mediated events in the development of the nervous system. Several projects of the group are described below.


Current projects include:

-TGF-ß/GDNF cooperativity in regulation of neuronal survival
-Development and regeneration of mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons
-Role of TGF-ß in the development and function of neuronal networks
-Ontogenetic neuron death
-Characterization of CDNF as a neurotrophic factor for developing, adult and aged nigrostriatal neurons


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